• H2OI Single Coil Stainless Steel Indirect with Cutaway

    H2OI Single Coil Stainless Steel Indirect with Cutaway

  • H2OI Cutaway Close Up

    H2OI Cutaway Close Up

H2OI Single Coil Stainless Steel Indirect Water Heaters


Need a domestic hot water heater with a low operating cost and the longevity of stainless steel? Dunkirk's H2O Stainless Steel Single Coil Indirect Water Heater is your answer. It's available from 30- to 115-gallon capacity, with 316L stainless steel construction and top connections for an easy installation.

This water heater is so well insulated that the water will lose only a half-degree for every hour it stands by. The smooth coil design prevents sediment build-up. This durable, efficient water heater is a great value.


  • Capacity: 30, 40, 40L, 50, 60, 60L, 80 & 115 Gallon
  • 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Top Connections (For Easy, Neat, Clean Installation)
  • Stainless Steel Dip Tube
  • Thermoplastic Jacket (Won't dent, scratch or corrode)
  • Low Pressure Drop (Ideal for Low Mass Boilers)
  • T & P Valve, Stainless Steel Aquastat Well and Drain Valve (Factory installed-taped and doped)
  • 2.25" EPS Insulation (Provides Less Than .5F° Per Hour Standby Loss)
  • Large Diameter, Smooth Coil Heat Exchangers - Prevent Buildup (Stainless Steel Coils are 25 to 30' Long and 1/8" in Diameter)
  • Honeywell L4080B (Shipped Loose)
  • Made in the USA


  • Low Profile (40L & 60L Capacities)
  • High Output (80 & 115 Capacities) 
  • Electric Back-Up (60, 80, & 115 Capacities) 
  • Commercial Connections (For Increased DHW Flow) (80 & 115 Capacities, 1-1/2" Dom., 1-1/4" Blr.)

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Product Testimonials

  • Light as a feather and top tappings make for a simple install.

    Roger Niccoli
    North Easton, MA