• WPSB Series 3 Boiler

WPSB Series 3

WPSB Series 3

The Dunkirk WPSB Series 3 is available in 7 sizes from 75 MBH to 299 MBH with an AFUE of up to 84.1%.

The WPSB Series 3 features an advanced Fuel Smart Hydrostat 3 in 1 Control:

  • Temperature limit with LED display and easy dial settings. Diagnostic and function indicator lights.
  • Low Water Cut-Off (LWCO), protects the boiler from damaging low water conditions. 
  • Boiler Reset, lowers the boiler temperature to save fuel by turning on the burner only when needed. Set-Up is quick with no need to install an outdoor sensor, just dial in the number of heating zones.

The WPSB Series 3 features an Integral Draft Hood and Vent Damper, reducing the overall height and making the unit ideal for low clearance/space limited installations.

The compact footprint and Cast to Last 20 Year Non-Prorated Limited Warranty make the WPSB Series 3 an excellent choice for residential applications.


  • Efficiency: Mid-Efficiency
  • Capacity: Natural Gas (D Models): 75 - 112.5 - 150 - 187.5 - 225 - 262 - 299 MBH
  • Propane (DP Models): 70 - 105 - 140 - 175 - 210 - 245 - 280 MBH
  • Heat Exchanger: Cast Iron
  • Combustion: Atmospheric
  • Venting: Chimney Vent
  • Boiler Type: Hot Water
  • Boiler Control Module: Fuel Smart Hydrostat Temperature Limit, LWCO and Boiler Reset Control with Circulator Relay and Domestic Hot Water Input Override.
  • User Display Interface: Temperature LED Display with dial-type settings and diagnostic indicator lights.
  • Heat Exchanger: Cast Iron Sections with Cast Iron Push Nipples.
  • Combustion: Completely Installed and Wired Gas Control System consisting of: Titanium Composite Burners, Gas Manifold with Orifices, Automatic Redundant Combination Gas Valve, 24 Volt with Pilot Filter and Regulator Intermittent Pilot Control, Continuous Retry 100% Shut Off, Combination Burner/Electrode/Flame Sensor.
  • Safety: Flame Roll-Out Safety Shut-Off (Fuse Link) and Blocked Vent Safety Shut-Off Manual Reset Disc Thermostat (Spill Switch) with Spare Fuse Link included.
  • Other
    • Assembled Boiler with Insulated Jacket
    • Integral Draft Diverter
    • Vent Damper
    • Combination Temperature/Pressure Gauge
    • Circulator Pump Wired with 5' Harness for Supply or Return Field Mounting
    • 3/4" Drain Valve
    • 30lb. ASME Relief Valve


  • Natural Gas (D) or Propane (DP)
  • Fill-Trol

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Product Testimonials

  • This is my 2nd boiler and I have lived in my home for 58 years.  It is made to last!!!

    Donald Kandefer
    Orchard Park, NY