• DCB/DCC 100-150 Modulating Condensing Boiler
  • DCB/DCC 100-150

    DCB/DCC 100-150

  • DCB/DCC 125-150 Interior

    DCB/DCC 125-150 Interior

  • 115-150 Manifold

    115-150 Manifold

  • DCB/DCC 165-205

    DCB/DCC 165-205

  • DCB/DCC 165-205 Interior

    DCB/DCC 165-205 Interior

  • DCB with Manifold

    DCB with Manifold

  • 165 Manifold

    165 Manifold

  • 205 Manifold

    205 Manifold

  • DCC-115 interior

    DCC-115 Interior

DCC/DCB High Efficiency Wall Mounted Modulating Condensing Boiler



Boiler with AI [Artificial Intelligence] Control Technology

• Automatically sets up the boiler during initial startup
• Recognizes Natural or LP Gas, no conversion kit required
• Continuously monitors combustion and adjusts gas and air flow to optimize combustion and fuel savings
• User Interface displays temperature status symbols and self diagnostic

95% AFUE, ENERGY STAR® Certified

Primary/Secondary LABOR SAVER™ Manifold Included


*Unit must be registered within 60 days from the date of original installation. All terms of the Trinity Extended Service Agreement apply.


95% AFUE efficiencyENERGY STAR® Certified

[AI] Control Technology, Auto Commissioning and Continuous Calibration functions optimize combustion and result in lower fuel bills. Control Panel features a backlit digital display that indicates boiler status, temperature, and diagnostics.

6.9:1 Turndown Modulation Ratio in DHW Mode (DCC-115)

7:1 Turndown Modulation Ratio in DHW Mode (DCC-150, DCC-205)

5.6:1 Turnsdown Modulation Ratio in Heating Mode (DCB-100 and DCC-115)

5.7:1 Turndown Modulation Ratio in Heating Mode (DCB-125 and DCC-150)

5.5:1 Turndown Modulation Ratio in Heating Mode (DCB-165 and DCC 205)

Flow Rate in DHW Mode:

  • 5.0 GPM flow rate @70° F rise (DCC-205)
  • 3.5 GPM flow rate @70° F rise (DCC-150)
  • 2.5 GPM flow rate @70° F rise (DCC-115)

Primary/Secondary LABOR SAVER™ Manifold Included

Heat Exchanger: 316L Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger and Burner. DCC-205, DCC-150 and DCC-115 are also equipped with a Stainless Steel Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger.

Additional Features: Assembled Boiler with Jacket, Induced Draft Fan, High limit sensors, 30psi Relief Valve, Low Water Pressure Switch, Temperature/Pressure Gauge.

Built in load matching Pump contributes to savings in electrical usage


Outdoor Temperature Sensor, Indirect Tank Sensor, Floor Stand Kit

Our AI control technology is programmed to recognize an Indirect Tank. H2O Indirect Hot Water Heaters are available in 30 to 115 gallon capacities and feature 316L stainless steel construction and top connections for an easy installation.


(See Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for complete instructions)

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Product Testimonials

  • This is the second unit I have purchased. The first was for a 10 unit apartment building. Fuel usage was cut in half from previous system, very dependable and easy to maintain.

    Carl Palmquist
    Olean, NY
  • Yes, straight forward installation, explicit manual and installation directions, very good commissioning programming and especially great technical help.

    Tom Lowrie
    West Abington Twp., PA
  • Very convenient.

    Mark Yetto
    Amherst, NY
  • I found this unit very quiet hot water is plenty And the heat time will tell. As we enter the heating season the test did supply hot water to the baseboards the longer duration and propane use will be the judge. I have all the confidence it will.

    Charles Eckelmann
    Otego, NY
  • Would you recommend our products to a friend and why?

    What a beautiful installation! So QUIET! Heating bill went down waaay more than we expected!

    Jon Clark
    Eldred, PA
  • The install process and setup/startup process was extremely simple. Very impressed with how user friendly this unit is.

    The unit is much quieter than I expected. I am very impressed with the operation of the unit.

    Logan Milliken
    Shinglehouse, PA
  • Compact and Neat looking.  Start up process is a bit rediculous, especially when the apartment has small zones.

    Kieran Sweeney
    Yonkers, NY
  • Yes I would recommend, it is a good value product.

    William Walsh
    Olean, NY
  • I was more than satisfied with your products and have already recommend my family members and co workers.  

    I absolutely love your products and my customer service was incredible.

    Manuel Hernandez
    Plainfield, NJ
  • It is excellent quality and works great.

    Ronald Cuevas
    Wasilla, AK
  • Yes I would recommend this product, very good and easy to work on.

    Pat Westerburg
    Kane, PA
  • I would recommend this product to anyone looking to lower their heating cost!

    Jon Clark
    Eldred, PA
  • Nice unit, seems to be easy to install.

    Richard Gray
    Salamanca, NY
  • Yes, I'd recommend this product - so cost efficient.

    Heather Bailey
    Oneonta, NY
  • I have dealt with Dunkirk for a few years now and overall I believe they have quality products.

    The installation Manual for the DCC-150 is not laid out very well and can be hard to follow/understand at times.

    Brady Lindblom
    Coldwater, MI
  • Highly efficient. Very affordable! By all appearances, great quality!

    Coryville Church of Faith
    Eldred, PA
  • Coaxial vent piping became a problem when we needed to offset based on customer expectations. We needed 3- 90's, and supplier only stocked 2. Then, the piping we receiving had some dents and dings. The inner support has broken in shipping, and the ends were crushed a little. We were able to straighten out with channel locks, but this should not be required.

    Gretchen Donnelly
    Pittsburg, PA
  • I install many boilers and always recommend DUNKIRK.

    Jon Clark
    Eldred, PA
  • Yes I recommend this product. The value and construction is amazing

    Benjamin Wood
    Pittsburg, PA
  • Straight forward installation once we had correct flue venting piping.

    John Wilcox
    Pittsburg, PA
  • We have installed a number of units with no issues.

    Corinthian Group
    Mount Kisco, NY
  • Good installation, quiet operation and efficient.  

    All seems to be ok but only had a short time,have yet to go thru a winter.I hope to be pleased for the future!

    Mike Schultz
    Olean, NY
  • Small, quiet, efficient, multifunctional.  

    Last unit destroyed with full house power surge at 1 year of age.

    Donald Deforno
    Bradford, PA
  • Great unit, easy install.

    Bauer Bros. Plumbing & Heating INC.
    Marietta, NY
  • Very satisfied with your product.

    Gary Rentz
    Hazleton, PA
  • Dunkirk boilers are an excellent value and the quality is exceptional for the price point

    C.W. Schultz & Son, Inc.
    Shavertown, PA
  • This is my 3rd one I have installed, very nice units and easy to work on when open, lots of room

    JCCM Heating & Plumbing
    Auburn, NY
  • Customer service was excellent, boiler is very efficient and I love the way I can set the boiler to different btu parameters. Installation instructions are vague in regards to initial setup. If the zones are small, it knocks the boiler out on high temp.

    Yonkers, NY
  • The price was great for all the features and quality.

    Northhampton, PA
  • I think it is a good product. The heat manifold and the domestic water manifold need to be offset.

    Tiona, PA
  • I liked the idea of being a New York State product from Utica. And some contractors I know have it their favorite.

    Warsaw, NY
  • Easy installation and competitive price

    Cortland, NY
  • My friend is also in the HVAC field and said Dunkirk is extremely reliable and efficient.

    Elmira, NY
  • The boiler is efficient, and free's up space in my boiler room.

    Bronx, NY