97gb High Efficiency Gas-Fired Modulating Condensing Boiler Convertible (Floor or Wall)


Dunkirk's 97gb features a 95% AFUE and qualifies for Energy Star's Most Efficient Status. It also features:

  • Built-in Primary/Secondary Piping with Pump
    • Reduces installation time!
  • Floor or Wall Mount for Flexible Installation
    • Free up valuable living space with its compact design!
  • Built-in Low Water Cut Off
  • Warranty Coverage
    • 15 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
    • FREE 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty



  • Efficiency: Energy Star Most Efficient Rated
  • Boiler Type: Gas-Fired (Natural or Propane)
  • Wall Mounted: Bracket included.
  • Boiler Control Module: Automatic Low Voltage/Intermittent Power Reset. Controls up to 16 boilers for multiple boiler applications.
  • User Display Interface: Easy programming with text display. Remote mount option utilizes standard thermostat conductor wiring. 
  • Heat Exchanger: High grade 316L/444 Stainless Steel Fin Coil with Flame Sight Glass.   
  • Built-in Primary/Secondary Manifold Piping and Pump.
  • Combustion: Gas Valve with Premix Venturi and Blower, Durable Stainless Steel Mesh Burner, Direct Spark Igniter, Flame Sensor and LP Conversion Kit included.
  • Electrical: Detachable Low Voltage Terminal Strip, High Voltage Junction Box, Transformer, Lighted Power Switch and Auxiliary Service Power Outlet.
  • Other: Low Water Cut Off with test feature, Outdoor Temperature Reset, 30 PSI Safety Relief Valve, Boiler Drain Valve and Condensate Drain with built in trap.


  • Central Heating Pump (Taco 007 or Grundfos UP15-42F)
  • Concentric Vent Kit (2” and 3”), System Sensor (For Multiple Boiler Applications), Computer Interface

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