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Excelsior EXB Series

The Dunkirk Excelsior EXB High Efficiency 3-Pass oil boiler features a more compact design that it's predecessor for an even easier installation. The unit features a High Limit Control with LED Display, easy to program Dial Settings, Boiler Water Temperature Reset and Low Water Cut Off functionality. The EXB is easy to service with wide flue ways, flexible oil line, dual hinged swing door with left or right mount option, site glass and a test port. The low mass design is eco-friendly too, with AFUEs as high as 86.5% and low standby losses.

Boiler Control Module: Hydrolevel Fuel Smart HydroStat Control - combination Low Water Cut Off with boiler temperature reset and circulator control.

User Display Interface: Digital display with easy to set dial-type limit settings.

Heat Exchanger: High efficiency, cast iron, 3-pass design with reversible swing door and target wall. Efficiency baffles/liner by model.

Combustion: Oil burner with protective cover, flexible oil line.

Electrical: Wiring harness with Molex connectors. Burner electrical disconnect.

Other: Temperature/pressure guage, 3/4" ASME relief valve, drain valve, textured painted steel jacket.

- Beckett or Riello Burner

- Manual Reset High Limit with plug-in Molex connector

- Direct Vent

Energy Star Rated

Multiple Firing Rates
4 Section - 105 - 133 - 154 MBH
5 Section - 140 - 161 - 189 MBH
6 Section - 182 - 203 - 231 MBH
7 Section - 231 - 252 - 266 MBH

Heat Exchanger:
Cast Iron


Vertical or Direct Vent

Boiler Type:
Hot Water

  • Easy to Service
  • Flexible oil line combined with easy access heat exchanger with dual hinge swing door (right or left mount option)
  • Wide flue-ways for easy cleaning
  • Site glass for flame observation
  • Removable 1/4" test port for draft overfire reading

  • Rebates & Incentives